Away For The Weekend? Get Covered Online

Short term insurance services more so for the weekend plays a significant role in protecting a considerable number of people from financial losses that can erupt when having someone’s vehicle. Whether you are looking for short term vehicle cover for 21 year olds or temp cover for a 25 year old, there are several companies in the UK offering such services, but interested parties are supposed to do some comprehensive market research so as to get the best service provider. On the other hand, the number of clients seeking for these services is also gradually increasing every day as more people are applying for the driving test. A lot of people will at one time need to borrow their friends or relatives car for maybe a weekend or few days. In most instances, weekend car hires are the most common and a weekend car insurance cover comes in handy to save a good number of people from hefty charges and unnecessary losses.

Who is qualified for a weekend vehicle insurance policy?

Every insurance company in the UK has its terms and conditions that usually govern how they carry out their day to day business activities. They usually limit the number of clients who apply for such services, who must meet some standards and qualifications. In most companies, the clients need to be between the ages of 18 to 75, must be a resident in the UK for more than 12 years but this might vary from one insurance company to the other. The person applying for the insurance cover need to have a current UK driving license and be using it for a minimum of 6 months or be a holder of European Union license for at least 12 months or a provisional driving license.

Once the requirements are verified and the owner gives permission, the client then proceeds to get a vehicle cover for the weekend which starts by filling a form. Some of the information the company requires from the client at this stage includes his/her personal details, address, his driving history and license, details of the car intending to be insured and the date the cover is to begin and end.

Customers with clean driving history stand a better opportunity to get cheaper covers compared to those with unclean driving licenses. A weekend car policy comes with a couple of benefits to both the owner and the borrower. They are both assured of financial compensation in case of any loss during the period, gives the owner an opportunity to do some market research and select the best 12 months service provider avoiding future regrets. However, any client subject to such benefits must adhere to the organisation’s policies, terms and conditions.

Weekend auto policy is ideal for: anyone wishing to lend a car to a relative or friend, when borrowing a car, when the borrower is intending to use the vehicle just for 2 days or so, when the user has just bought the car and when anyone is willing to teach a third party how to drive using his/her own motor vehicle. As a matter of fact, most people consult insurance companies for a weekend cover just to avoid putting their no-claim discounts at any risk. Read more about Temporary Car Insurance at FiveInTheGrove and details about temporary car insurance are found at many other websites across the Web.